How having a Human Design reading can improve your self-worth!

The Human Design system is not built on belief or faith, but is a logical system that brings together principles of the I Ching, Astrology, Kabbalah, Chakra system and Quantum Physics. It offers powerful insights into your psyche and tells us profound information about the best ways to manifest, communicate, achieve deeper self awareness and connect with others. It tells us about how to best work, rest and play for our unique being.
Woman feeling free after understanding herself following a human design reading

On the most practical level, your Human Design chart (also know as your body graph) shows you where and how to access your body’s consciousness as a decision-making tool and ultimately teaches you how to live as your true self.

Human Design offers a map, or a manual, that indicates how you are unique as a person and guides you in living in a manner that is in sync with who you are underneath conditioning.

When we live in alignment with our true nature, we begin to experience a level of comfort and acceptance for who we are, instead of chasing who we are not. You are tapping into your life force.

What I love about Human Design is that it is not about fixing our faults or insecurities, it’s about adapting and embracing them; we’re able to discover and live out our real purpose in the world, raising our self-worth in the process.

This stuff is a complete game changer!

For me and many of my clients, Human Design has been absolutely life changing. I feel it’s the gift that keeps on giving. I am still learning and embodying my unique Human Design. For those playing at home, I am a 4/6 Emotional Manifestor.

Human Design kind of gives us our energetic DNA. So the idea is we all come into this life without an operating manual, and Human Design gives us that manual.”

– Erin Claire Jones

Human Design – what are the basic concepts?

Your Human Design Chart, also called a BodyGraph, is calculated using your birth time, date and place to reveal your genetic design.

It shows us many parts of our personality including parts that we may have been shamed for, or even shamed ourselves for, and shows us them in a new light. It shows us why we are unique and how to fully recognise and embrace our many gifts.

In Human Design there are five types – Manifestors, Generators, Projectors, Reflectors & Manifesting Generators.

Here are their descriptions and challenges they commonly face:


CREATE energy. They are the innovators and have the capacity to initiate action and inspire others, whether they do so intentionally or not! Their electric energy can be felt when they speak or enter a room.

Manifesting energy in Human Design means that they have the ability to bring into fruition anything that they envision because they don’t need to wait for collaboration from the Universe or others in order to act.

It’s an impulsive energy, as manifestors have a direct connection to Divine Inspiration. A big part of living correctly as a manifestor is being out in the world initiating action and starting things that are then often delegated to others to continue and complete.

Common challenge: Manifestors have a selective aura and will attract the people who are right for them and repel those who aren’t.

Although this is the natural to and fro of the Universe in motion, it can feel like rejection, and so manifestors may spend their lives attempting to please other people.

However, this is not the correct use of their energy and true power; a manifestor is here to break free from rules and regulations, so attempting to people please holds many of them back from embracing their full potential.

Manifestors have an open sacral center which means that need to be careful not to ‘over do it’. They can find it difficult to know when ‘enough is enough’. It’s important to ride the wave of energy and inspiration (known as an urge) when it’s there and rest when it’s not.

They should create a life that has elements of a holiday rather than working really hard and then taking a holiday.

Dislikes: Not having control, people who have a lack of desire/care for good work, getting bossed around, being told what to do.


SPREAD and SHARE energy. They are known to be energetic and are pure life-force in motion. They are destined to build, always eager to respond to problems and challenges that life will inevitably throw in their way.

When they are aligned, in flow, and doing what makes their soul shine, others may find them captivating. They are also the natural go-getters of society.

Common challenge: Generators have to listen to their gut and honor their desires, rather than saying yes to things they feel they ‘should’ do or are capable of doing with their energy. Although they have a consistent energy source based in their sacral, meaning burn out is rare, other people will want to use the generator’s energy for their own benefit.

As generators need to be engaged and passionate about what they are doing, if they do not follow their gut they may experience frustration and burnout – unless generators feel something is a YES, then it’s an absolute no!

Dislikes: people who use their energy, getting interrupted, people who ask for their help all the time.


GUIDE and TWEAK energy. They act as guides for their tribe. They have a unique and complex depth to their spirit, and have an amazing ability to see something the way others can’t – whether that’s understanding others, building systems, or innovating new ways of doing things, every projector has a unique gift.

The Projector energy type is referred to as a “non-energy” being. This is because they do not have their own energy source; because they do not have a defined sacral center, Projectors are designed to borrow the energy of those around them. Although, they should only do this for short bursts of time being before stopping to take a break— alone.

Common challenge: their need to prove they can hustle and keep up with the rest of the world.

Projectors have inconsistent energy, meaning their energy must be used wisely in order to live in alignment. They may feel downhearted over the fact that they can’t just initiate and ‘make things happen’. But this is not a good use of their energy as that is not what they are here to do.

Projectors must learn to trust the flow of life instead of trying to keep up with the world. When they learn that by doing less they are actually having more impact, they will feel freedom. Projectors need more rest than the other types and this can be hard to embody. When they focus on discovering their unique gift, honing their special ability and then sharing it with the world, others can’t help but notice.

Projectors are potent AF when they are invited to share. When they try and push their ideas or point of view upon someone who has explicitly asked for it, tension often ensues.

Projector hack: You can ask others for the invitation, for example: “Would it be OK if I shared my thoughts on this?”

Dislikes: working unsociable hours, their advice not being taken onboard, being at a bar or social scene in the late hours.


REVEAL and MIRROR energy. They are the rarest of all the Human Design types, with less than 1% of the world’s population falling into this category.

They are the true mirrors for society and as they are very attuned to the environment they find themselves in, this gives them the greatest potential for wisdom. They are also highly in tune to the energy of others so it’s very important they surround themselves in environments and around people that feel good. It is common for a reflector to feel like a shapeshifter, almost becoming the people they are around.

It’s also helpful for them the take a generous amount of time when making decisions as clarity can come after a whole lunar cycle.

Common challenge: energetically they are like a blank canvas with very little of their own defined energy. Living in a world where there is so much pressure to know who you are can be confusing for reflectors.

Understanding that they are so unique and function differently from 99% of the world, and that that is truly special, is the best place to start for a reflector.

Dislikes: negative thinking and talking people, people crossing their boundaries.

Manifesting Generators…

MAGNIFY energy. They are a hybrid of a Generator plus a Manifestor – they can trailblaze like a manifestor and leap into action like a generator.

They have energy and ideas in abundance and are always open to new experiences; doing what lights them up inside acts as a fountain for this energy.

Manifesting Generators move incredibly fast, often skipping steps and getting done in a hour what can take the other types a whole day. It’s important for them to remember this and not expect others to complete things as quickly as they can.

They don’t move through life in a linear way, which can appear like scattered behaviour to the other types but makes complete sense to them. They are multi-passionate beings and take what they need from an interest or hobby and when they aren’t lit up by it anymore, move onto something else that feels exciting. They blend systems and recreate things, breaking out of the box.

Common challenge: A manifesting generator can often feel torn between their desire to act on their impulses and waiting for their gut feeling to kick in (the YES or the hell NO), feeling wrong because they don’t ‘stick to one thing’ or are a jack of all trades, feeling slowed down by others.

For manifesting generators, it’s crucial that they reserve the right to change their mind as they go, and to communicate with their loved ones to honor this part of them too, wherever possible.

MGs tend to ‘move’ quicker than generators but they’ll alter their course more often as well.

Dislikes: sitting around ‘wasting’ the day, people who suck the atmosphere out of a room, standing in line, being told how to do something.

Woman feeling free after understanding herself following a human design reading

Inner Authority

In Human Design your authority involves your decision-making strategy – it is your inner knowing. While your mind may be intelligent, this doesn’t mean that it knows what is right for you; the mind works with what it believes is rational and logical.

The problem is, what your mind deems as rational and logical is heavily based on your conditioning and life experiences. Because of this, it can second guess your true authority and will make decisions to serve its own agenda.

This is because of your subconscious programming. The subconscious kicks in when your conscious mind is engaged – including when you are thinking, problem solving, analysing and reacting. The role of the subconscious is to keep you safe, and if you are engaging in something that seems frightening, even though what you are doing might be what is right for you, subconsciously your mind will sabotage your best efforts.

For example, your subconscious doesn’t believe that you are capable of great things.

The ‘rational’ stems from your life experiences and personal traumas. Maybe you tried your hand in creating a business and it didn’t go to plan, negatively affecting your self-worth as a result.

When you are doing something the subconscious deems as risky, such as starting a new business, your actions and behaviours may be sabotaged because your rational thinking mind is trying to protect you from getting hurt.

In Human Design, your inner authority will be listed under your definition. There are 7 authority types:

  • Emotional Authority (Solar Plexus) – listen to your emotions, ride the emotional wave.
  • Sacral Authority – listen to your gut.
  • Splenic Authority – listen to your instincts, intuition and clear knowings.
  • Environment/No Inner Authority – let life give you the answers.
  • Self-Projected Authority – listen to what you say.
  • Lunar Cycle Authority – wait a whole moon cycle to make a (big) decision.
  • Ego Authority – listen to your wants (ego authority is the rarest of all the authority types).

When you work from your inner authority, you are bypassing your rational thinking mind and leaning into your true self – you are in alignment with your unique path and genetic makeup, and so it is the only way you can consistently make decisions based on what is right for you.

The Self/Not-Self Themes

Your not-self theme are the feelings that arise when you are not making decisions with your inner authority or are living out of alignment with your design. When you are living in alignment, emotions will arise in you in line with your self theme. This is how you can truly identify whether or not you are on the correct path. Your self/not-self theme depends on your Human Design type, they are:

  • Generator — Frustration VS Satisfaction
  • Manifesting Generator — Frustration VS Satisfaction
  • Projector — Bitterness VS Satisfaction
  • Manifestor — Anger VS Peace
  • Reflector — Disappointment VS Surprise & Delight

Defined Centers VS Undefined Centers

image of the sacral centers/ energy centers of someones human design chart

In your BodyGraph, there are 9 energy centers. They are the…

  • Head Center – Head is the center of inspiration, thinking and mental pressure.
  • Ajna Center – Ajna is the center of research, thought processing and analysis. 
  • Throat Center – Throat is the center of communication and manifestation (action).
  • G Center – G is the center of identity, direction of life and love (center of the spiritual heart in the middle of the chest). 
  • Heart/Ego Center – Ego is the center of ego and willpower, self worth/self-esteem and survival in the material world.
  • Sacral Center – Sacral is the center of vitality, sexuality and persistence. 
  • Root Center – Root is the center of physical pressure (adrenalin), drive to do things and kundalini energy.
  • Spleen Center – Spleen is the center of intuition, instinct, survival and well being.
  • Solar Plexus Center – Solar Plexus is the center of emotions and moods.

Discovering whether your centers are defined or open will help you gain clarity on who you are, and where in life you face your deepest resistance and suffering.

Your defined centers represents consistency, they show you who you are at your very core.

Your undefined centers, once you learn how to honor and adapt to them, show you where your energy is inconsistent and allow you the space to learn. They can bring you insight when you are trusting your Life Force and Inner Authority.

For example, your root center may have a consistent energy present (defined center) or not (undefined center). If your root center is defined, you have a particular, fixed way of dealing with stress in line with your unique genetic imprinting. If it is undefined, then your way of dealing with stress is flexible, and you may rush to get rid of pressure, which in turn exacerbates it.

I want to stress that, in Human Design, there is no good or bad – we are all unique human beings, and each design is perfect once we learn how to honor it.

Our undefined centers are areas where we have the potential to de-condition, reprogram and step into wisdom. At first they appear to be challenges. However, once we are able to integrate the learnings, we begin to see the gifts that our open centers offer us and others.

When I am doing a Human Design reprogramming session, I often ask my clients to reflect using a scale of 1-10 (10 being they have completely embodied this learning, understand the wisdom and are able to use the gifts and 0 this knowledge is unconscious). By reflecting using this scaling, they often see how far they have come in understanding these open centers, and what the next steps may be in further honing the wisdom.

What can I learn about myself from my Human Design chart?

Lean into your intuition

Human Design can tell you how to lean into your intuition, how it best communicates with you and how you can use it to navigate your path. For example: a projector will receive intuition as ‘clear knowings’ where as a manifestor will feel it as an ‘urge’.

Honour your true self

Human Design can show you whether or not you are in alignment with your unique path, helping you to consistently honour your true self.

For example: as a manifesting generator, if you feel frustrated and uninspired in certain areas of your life, the wisdom is to let that thing go.

The more you honour your gut response and let go of what no longer lights you up, the more you honour your true self and the more life opens for you.

Accept yourself and integrate your shadow

Human Design can support you in accepting your unique and authentic self by shining a light on your shadow. Your shadow is any part of you that you have learned or been conditioned to believe is shameful.

For example: If you have an undefined G center, you have a constantly shifting and evolving identity. You may feel like wearing different clothes and leaning into different personality traits depending on the environment you are in and the people you are around. Undefined G’s are often shamed by others and themselves for ‘not knowing who they truly are’.

I have held so many undefined G’s through tears of relief when they learnt that their chameleon like tendencies are actually a gift to be embraced and their ability to mirror others allows for deep trust, connection and relationship building tendencies.


Human Design also teaches you how to step into your full power of manifestation. Depending on your design, a specific or non-specific approach to manifestation will be advised.

Those who are specific (bottom right arrow points left) work best with clear intentions, manifestation lists and vision boards.

Those who are non-specific (bottom right arrow points left) work best with being clear on the feelings and emotions present when the manifestation lands, letting go of needing to control the details, and trusting that they will be pleasantly surprised.

Further information on how best to manifest can be found by following your type, strategy, and authority.

How can understanding my Human Design empower my self-worth?

Human Design is empowering for self-worth as it allows us to learn new things about ourselves, accept our intricacies, shine light on our shadow, see our hidden gifts and step into our full power of manifestation.

Simply, Human Design allows you to see yourself as the perfect, unique individual that you are – blessed with special gifts, superpowers, lessons and a unique path.

Human Design allows you to internally validate and accept yourself without the need for comparison.

This new, empowering self knowledge and the wisdom gained from understanding yourself on a newfound level is why understanding, embodying and living your Human Design will align you with your self-worth that may have been lost under many years of conditioning.

How can I discover my Human Design?

It’s important when reading into your Human Design and what your chart means, you are looking in the right places. The chart itself will mean absolutely nothing to you and requires research into its specifics in order to get accurate and empowering information.


There’s no doubt that the internet is a place full of wisdom and knowledge, but some of the information available to us on the internet is inaccurate, outdated, and can often leave us with more questions than we began with.

Human Design is all about loving and accepting yourself as the unique, brilliant individual that you are – as the saying goes, ‘if it’s not empowering, then you are not looking in the right place‘!

That being said, getting your chart is easy and free! Two great online resources for getting your body graph from are My Body Graph and My Human Design.

In order to interpret your chart you can research, understand and embody the learnings on your own (some Human Design types are great at this, for example a single definition Manifesting Generator with a 1, investigator profile).

Alternatively, you can find someone you trust to do a reading and interpret your chart for you.

Human Design Reading

Interpreting your chart is complex and time consuming. When beginning your Human Design journey, it’s worthwhile having a Human Design reading performed by a professional.

Not only will they help you interpret your Human Design, but they will teach you how to use your unique design to live a life of fulfilment, in line with your true self.

Whilst I do not offer readings on their own, I offer something that I believe is many times more valuable – a Human Design reprogramming session.

This baby is a Human Design reading on steroids. It taps into the power of PSYCH-K and Subconscious Reprogramming to create a state of super learning and easeful integration of the wisdom.

Every session comes with both a PDF with your unique details and a recording of the reading, allowing you to go back and continue to take valuable lessons from our session as many times as you need.

There is a lot of powerful wisdom that you will learn, and the embodiment of your Human Design will take some time. This offering supports you to understand, integrate, and remember what you have learned, allowing you to use the wisdom in action.

If you are interested in doing a Human Design reprogramming session with Jakob click here.