About Me

Jakob Casella

Subconscious Mindset Coach

Jakob holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Coaching from the Australian College of Applied Psychology where he is now an academic educator. Jakob’s three core modalities that he uses to support his clients to make long-lasting change include Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, PSYCH-K ® and The Spiral. These approaches in combination with Jakob’s ability to connect, support and move his clients into change make him the coach that you want in your life.

Theories and Approaches to Coaching

ACT is a third wave behavioural therapy approach, which combines the most effective elements of a range of existing therapies.

‘ACT is not just proven effective treatment for anxiety, stress, addictions, eating disorders, schizophrenia, borderline personality disorder and a myriad other psychological issues. It’s also a revolutionary new way to view the human condition, packed full of exciting new tools, techniques and strategies for promoting profound behavioural change’ – Dr. Russ Harris (2009).

ACT is interested in aligning your life values with your behaviours and goals. These core values, once aligned, can be used in conjunction with a range of approaches including mindfulness and awareness training, to guide, motivate and inspire behavioural change.

When working with ACT, Jakob teaches you psychological skills and a common language for discussing the processes of the mind. This allows you to handle painful or uncomfortable thoughts and feelings more effectively and in a way that has much less impact or influence over your life, these are called mindfulness skills.

Learning and practicing mindfulness skills has a range of benefits including:

  • The improved ability to manage stress and anxiety and anger levels
  • The improved ability to handle painful thoughts, feelings, emotions, sensations and memories, in a way that has far less impact on your life
  • Improved concentration and attention
  • A common language to understand and discuss different processes of the mind
  • Enhanced sense of self-love, empathy and compassion

Values re-alignment is another important part of the ACT work. This involves clarifying was truly important and meaningful to you and using this to guide, inspire and motivate you to set goals and take action towards them.

Values re-alignment work involves undertaking a range of challenging but rewarding activities to re-discover personal values in a range of life domains. Once re-aligned, you are supported to set values-directed goals leading to positive and sustainable change.

Supporting you to re-align with their values helps to give your life a sense of meaning and purpose and serves as a guide that will inspire and motivate you to build confidence and flourish.

This approach is a powerful form of energy psychology that works on the subconscious level to rapidly transform limiting beliefs, traumas and stressors that hold you back from living the life you desire. This approach is vastly different to the many conscious mind approaches that the majority of coaches are using.

This approach uses gentle muscle testing (adapted from therapeutic kinesiology) to communicate with the subconscious mind in conjunction with whole brain integration to reprogram new powerful and affirming programs. This approach has added some serious fire to Jakob’s coaching arsenal.

This approach is a transformational process of emotional clearing and subconscious reprogramming combined with practical homework tasks and between-session action steps. 

The Spiral is an 8-session journey that follows the 7 chakras with a final integration session. Each session focuses on clearing blockages, traumas and unconscious patterns associated with 22 themes that are common to the human experience. Some examples of these themes include shame, guilt, anger, low-self-esteem and trust.

Currently Accepting 1:1 Clients for my signature ‘the empowered woman’ program.