Move Past Your Sh*t & Call In The Life You Deeply Desire

Are you tired of your same old patterns playing out on an endless loop? 

Do you recognise that your decisions are driven by fear rather than self-trust? 

Is your wounding running the show, disconnecting you from your truth? 

Are patterns of self-sabotage and limiting beliefs holding you back from all you are truly capable of and desire in this life?

I am here to guide you to step into The Empowered Woman you were always meant to be.

a woman holding her hands to her heart as she accepts her true self

An Empowered Woman knows exactly what she wants and fearlessly takes action, both within herself and in the world, guided by intuition and her desires.

She’s done the work, overcome so much, and trusts herself implicitly. When challenges and roadblocks arise, she doesn’t see them as obstacles.

She has learned to understand her setbacks as lessons and re-direction that she embraces, leading her to realign her priorities with unyielding determination.

She never gives up because the life, love, career, and dreams she craves are not optional – they’re an essential part of who she is becoming.

She’s all in, no holding back.

The Empowered Woman Program is for you if you’d like to…

Heal from relationship trauma and/or attachment issues, forging a path to healthier connections.

Untangle the subconscious protection mechanisms that have hindered your progress.

Conquer self-doubt, reclaiming and strengthening your self-trust.

Embrace accountability, ensuring consistent and aligned action towards your goals.

Rediscover your inherent self-worth, building unshakeable confidence.

Strengthen your trust in the divine masculine, fostering a harmonious balance within yourself.

The Empowered Woman program is rooted in building Self-Leadership – the profound ability to understand yourself and curate your dream life, beyond past wounds and protective mechanisms.

As you embrace self-leadership, clarity arises about what you truly want, and you commit to showing up for those desires with unwavering determination.

Becoming the empowered self-healer is the essence of this journey. You confidently navigate and resolve whatever obstacles arise, trusting yourself to consistently choose the path aligned with your mind, actions, and intentions until you reach your destination.

Guided by a heart-centered, no-nonsense approach, the program involves pragmatic coaching, heart-centered therapy, skill-building, and self-directed learning.

It acknowledges a simple truth – if you could have done this on your own, you would have by now.

And this is why you partner with a coach. I am here to walk alongside you, providing grounded and unwavering Divine Masculine support. 

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Client Love

Take it from those who’ve worked with me…

My Promise Is Clear:

  • I will guide you to create powerful new subconscious structures.
  • I will support your development of a newfound level of self-worth.
  • I will teach you to become your own healer, coach, and leader.
  • I will nurture you as you re-establish a deep sense of trust within yourself and the universe.
  • I will provoke, encourage, and hold you accountable in taking aligned action towards your highest potential.


I am deeply committed to making a huge impact in your life. If you give this program 100% commitment and it doesn’t deliver a real, tangible change in your life, i’ll give you your money back!


AUD $2500

Pay in full and receive an AUD $200 discount!

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Payment plan

AUD $200 p/w

With $500 AUD deposit. Sign up now and get access to the Empowered Woman e-course and pre-work.

What’s Included?

  • 8 x 90 minute zoom sessions with jake
  • Tailored post session-integration work
  • Un-triggered e-course (lifetime access)
  • Empowered E-Course (lifetime access)
  • Your Human design blueprint (PDF)
  • My Money back satisfaction guarantee*

I am here to help you:

See yourself.
Accept yourself.
Like Yourself.
Love Yourself.
Trust Yourself.

So that you can lead yourself to wherever it is that your heart desires.

There is no obligation to sign up after our call. No guilt tactics or slimy sales techniques. I believe wholeheartedly in alignment, so I’ll give you my read on things and you get to decide if it’s right for you.

Hi, I’m Jakob Casella

Subconscious Mindset Coach

Jakob has a wealth of coaching experience. He has worked in a range of contexts including schools, workplaces and in private practice. Jakob holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Coaching from the Australian College of Applied Psychology where he is now an academic educator. Jakob is an accredited coach with the International Coach Federation (ICF).

Jakob combines his qualifications, experience and intuitive gifts to support, nurture and encourage his clients undertake real, long lasting change.

The three core modalities that he uses include: Acceptance Commitment Therapy (ACT), PSYCH-K® and The Spiral.