PSYCH-K in Australia: everything you need to know

You have probably heard about PSYCH-K, it’s being talked about in nearly every country in the world right now thanks to Dr. Bruce Lipton and his work with epigenetics. Here you will find everything you need to know about PSYCH-K in Australia.

What is PSYCH-K?

PSYCH-K is a revolutionary approach to transform stress, change unhelpful thinking patterns and make rapid and long lasting change to your life. It’s non invasive and requires less sessions than traditional approaches which tend to work with the conscious mind. PSYCH-K works directly with the subconscious mind which is our auto-pilot thoughts, and behaviours

Whilst most traditional forms of therapy and coaching work with the conscious mind.

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The subconscious mind is our auto-pilot. It role is to keep us safe and regulate vital bodily functions. Recent studies have shown that 95-98% of our day is we are acting directly from our subconscious mind. This is great because our subconscious is able to process one million times more information a second compared to the conscious mind.

Our subconscious mind is programmed, largely before the age of seven. At this time of our development we operate in a state of super learning and absorb everything we can from our environment. This state of learning occurs so we can upload huge amounts of information about our world and how it works. We observe the behaviours of our caregivers, siblings and extended family and learn to distinguish between helpful and unhelpful social behaviours. When we are in this state of learning we see the world as black or white so the behaviours, values, attitudes and beliefs of those closest to us are imprinted into our subconscious. However, recent studies have shown that 70% of our what has been programmed is unhelpful, negative or limiting.

Until recently little has been know about how to reprogram the subconscious mind however a new range of techniques known as energy psychology have emerged. PSYCH-K is arguably the quickest and most effective approach. It is non-invasive, does not require long term sessions and results can be seen and felt very quickly.

PSYCH-K can be used to make changes in your life by removing unconscious blocks, self sabotaging behaviour and self limiting stories that stop you from:

  • Having rich romantic and platonic relationships
  • Having the job, career or business that you truely want
  • Being financially abundant
  • Feeling happy, calm, content and fulfilled
  • Taking action and reaching your personal and professional goals
  • Losing weight, building muscle or having a positive body image
  • Quitting or cutting down your use of alcohol, cigarettes or drugs
  • Managing your stress and anxiety levels
  • Falling or staying asleep at night
  • Facing your fears and overcoming your phobias
  • Eating the right foods and the ceasing as soon you have had the optimal amount
  • Communicating effectively and speaking up for yourself to get your needs met
  • Dealing effectively with challenging emotions, events and situations
  • Discovering and living in your true authenticity, highest and best possible self

PSYCH-K involves using a range of techniques to reprogram the subconscious mind. One of these techniques is called ‘Stress Transformation’ and it literally transforms the way your body reacts to stressful or traumatic events and memories.  The body often perceives things in our present or future reality as stressful because what it is perceiving is somewhat similar to something that happened in the past. A trauma that could have occurred as a young child and although the adult mind may not remember or have a strong memory of this experience the subconscious mind remembers and is doing its job to try and keep you safe.  After doing ‘Stress Transformation’ the body no longer perceives a memory (past) or event (future) as stressful and the flight or fight stress response is no longer triggered. This allows you remain cool, calm and collected no longer being effected by the past and able to take action towards the future you truely desire.

Dr Bruce Lipton has brought the study of epigenetics to worlds attention through his book ‘The Biology of Belief’. This new science explains that humans are not at the mercy of their genes and that perception of the environment is what makes genes express themselves. He explains that perception of our world is largely influenced by our subconscious beliefs that were imprinted from the last trimester as a baby up until around age seven. Dr Bruce Lipton, is a huge advocate of PSYCH-K and attributes the success of his book ‘The Biology of Belief’ to the process.

If you are interested in attending a PSYCH-K basic course where you will learn all that you need to begin supporting yourself and others using the principles, philosophy and techniques of PSYCH-K read my training course review or follow the link to find out when a courses are being offered near you.

How does PSYCH-K work?

PSYCH-K uses a range of techniques including muscle testing, permission protocols, whole brain integration processes, stress transformation, integration of new goal statements (balances), devising action steps and specific advanced balances. These will be explained in more detail below.

Muscle testing 

In PSYCH-K muscle testing is used as a tool to communicate with the subconscious mind through a physiological response from the body. It’s a simple, non invasive assessment tool which has been used for many years in applied kinesiology and a range of other modalities. Muscle testing involves applying gentle downward pressure from the facilitator on the clients arm. When using muscle testing in PSYCH-K the facilitator of the session does not make the distinction between a strong or weak response, it’s the client that makes this distinction. When using muscle testing in PSYCH-K its important that the person being tested is looking downward as this activates, the kinaesthetic system in the brain. Looking straight ahead or up will often give false readings and it is the role of the facilitator to ensure the client has eyes open, looking down for all muscle tests. Self muscle testing is taught in the PSYCH-K basic workshop and can used by anyone to communicate with the subconscious mind without the need for a facilitator to be present. This is great if you want to use PSYCH-K with yourself.

Whole brain integration processes 

After years of brain research, researchers have come up with a range of whole brain integration processes. These include certain poses and movement patterns which are demonstrated to you by your PSYCH-K facilitator and seek to ensure the left and right hemisphere are both switched on and ready to integrate a new belief or transform stress or uncomfortable emotions that are attached to a trauma. These techniques are easy and fun to implement whilst being non-invasive or threatening for the client. These techniques can be used by clients between sessions to settle the nervous system and process uncomfortable thoughts, feelings, emotions, memories and urges that come up.

Permission protocols

A key distinction between PSYCH-K and other techniques is the permission protocols. Many forms of therapy and self help work on trying to fix a problem in ones life without considering the possibility that the issue or problem may be cleverly disguised as an opportunity for some important learning.

Furthermore, problems and issues can simply be conscious or subconscious strategies for meeting other needs in your life. The problem you want to change may actually be a solution to a much greater problem. In PSYCH-K we ask permission from the subconscious and super conscious commonly know as the ‘highest self’ to ensure what we are working on is safe and appropriate before proceeding with the belief change process, known as a ‘balance’.

Stress transformation

This process transforms the way the body and mind react to stressful or traumatic memories from the past or perceived events in the present or future.  The body often perceives events in our present or future reality as stressful because what is perceived is, in some way, similar to an event or situation that has occurred in the past. If a trauma occurred when we were young the adult mind may not remember or have a strong memory of the experience, however the subconscious mind remembers and is doing its job to try and keep us safe. Once a PSYCH-K stress transformation is complete the body no longer perceives the memory or event as stressful and the in built stress response is no longer triggered. Once you are no longer being effected by the past you are able to take action towards positively effecting your future.

Belief statements

Belief statements are simple, positive, emotionally meaningful, present tense statements that are imprinted into the subconscious. A well formed statement is written in first person using I, me or my. An example of a goal statement is ‘I learn new things easily and quickly’. By imprinting new helpful belief statements we can create new perceptions that become new truths. The subconscious and the conscious if aligned can work together to generate new behaviours that are coherent with new programmed truths creating new realities.

Action steps

Also know as activation steps, these are the practical agreed upon steps the client takes between sessions to support the integration of new beliefs ensuring the conscious and subconscious are aligned toward the new future reality.

Specific advanced balances

If your PSYCH-K facilitator has completed advanced level and above training you will be able to undertake a range of powerful specialised balances. These include the relationship balance which can be used transform stress and invoke whole brain integration in interpersonal relationships both platonic and romantic. This can also be used with people that have passed away, animals and our relationships to work, money and much more. Another of these specialised balances is the rapport balance which involves reaching a state of whole brain integration in our interpersonal communication with others. The core belief balance works to balance 13 powerful subconscious belief statements that overarch the most common limiting beliefs held by individuals. The life bonding balance is considered by many to be the most powerful balance and involves transforming all stress, trauma and triggers throughout an individuals life span to the present time and includes transformation of the stress and anxiety associated with death and dying. Other advanced PSYCH-K protocols work specifically with the beliefs held in the subconscious in relation to health and wellness, if the facilitator has completed this level of training.

PSYCH-K resources

Here you will find a range of videos, books and links to further resources.

Make sure you check out The Mindful Coach on instagram for lots of PSYCH-K® and inspirational content, discounts and special offerings.

“The closer that you come to knowing that you alone create the world of your experience, the more vital it becomes for you to discover just who is doing he creating”

Eric Micha’el Leventhal


In this video, Dr. Bruce Lipton explains that the subconscious mind has one million times more processing capacity than the conscious mind however that it is not creative or flexible like the conscious mind. He liken’s the subconscious mind to a tape player that is only able to play back what it learns and that 95-99% of what is being played back is ‘recorded’ before the age of eight. Dr Lipton explains that the conscious mind spends most of day in the past or the future and lets the subconscious control the present moment by playing back programs recorded when we were young. With up to 70% of these programs being unhelpful, limiting or negative he explains how PSYCH-K works to push the record button on the tape player to change a belief you have had your entire life in less than fifteen minutes.

“Trying to talk yourself into change is not going to work because the subconscious mind has nobody to listen to your story”

Dr. Bruce Lipton
Here is another video, from Dr. Bruce Lipton which goes into further detail on the difference between the conscious and the subconscious mind using real life examples.
In this video, the presenter explains his experience with PSYCH-K one year after completing the basic workshop. He found PSYCH-K when he was trying to heal from a big traumatic event that had recently happened. He wanted a different approach to traditional psychotherapy because he has the belief that we have the ability to process emotions and traumatic events quickly and completely without years of therapy. The presenter explains that he expected a completely rapid change to occur in his life as soon as he left the workshop however what actually happens is PSYCH-K sparks something inside and gives your subconscious mind, the fuel that it needs start making the transformations in your life. He explains it is not a magic bullet but a tool that will spark the beginnings of change that you will feel gradually over time.

If you are interested in attending a PSYCH-K® basic workshop in Australia, I recommend Ian Spicer from Life Force events.

Click here if you are interested in reading my PSYCH-K basic and advanced course reviews.

In this video, Ian Spicer explains that PSYCH-K® is a key to unlocking the potential of our subconscious mind that we have haven’t had access to before.
In this video, PSYCH-K® Instructor Karen KcKy discusses connecting to our highest self to move our life forward and gives a personal account on one of her life’s biggest stumbling blocks. This block was a belief she held that stopped her from moving forward with her life. Through PSYCH-K® she learned how to get beyond this roadblock and was move forward.
Here is a video with Dr. Bruce Lipton and the creator of PSYCH-K® Robert Williams. They explained how they met and how Robert Williams was able to transform the beliefs of an individual who was afraid of public speaking and went on to be an award winning toast masters speaker.
This final video is one of the most recent that Dr. Bruce Lipton has been a part of. In this video he goes into further detail in regards to the role role of the subconscious and the role of the conscious mind and how they work together to create your reality. He explains that to understand what programs you downloaded before the age of 8 you just need to look at your current life as its a direct print out of helpful and unhelpful programming. Dr Lipton explains the three ways that the subconscious can be reprogrammed: clinical hypnosis, repetition until something becomes a habit and the third and most effective way is through energy psychology – PSYCH-K®.


  • PSYCH-K®, the missing peace in your life – Robert Williams
  • The PSYCH-K® experience, twenty life-affirming practical examples -Brunhil Hofmann
  • Biology of belief- Dr Bruce Lipton


PSYCH-K® Centre International- The official website which features information about PYSCH-K, instructors, workshops, testimonials, frequently asked questions and more.



What PSYCH-K® is and what it’s not‘ – A great article by Instructor Karen McKy

-Are you programmed at Birth – A short read by Dr. Bruce Lipton


PSYCH-K Research

In recent years research into PSYCH-K has clearly demonstrated the inherit value of creating a whole-brain state. Research has taken place in neuroscience, psychotherapy and business showing promising results for the widespread application of this approach. PSYCH-K and it’s process of whole brain integration has been labelled as ‘leading edge neuroscience’ in a peer reviewed journal published in the CQ: CAPA Quarterly [Counseling and Psychotherapy Association of New South Wales, August 2012]

The conclusion of this research reads: We suggest that this research demonstrates a significant connection between beliefs—especially at the subconscious level of the mind—the Whole-Brain State, and high-speed mindset change, as well as their relevant utility to psychotherapists.

About Jakob

Jakob Casella is an accredited PSYCH-K® Advanced facilitator and degree qualified life coach. He can support you to reprogram your subconscious beliefs and transform your response to the stressful events that have occurred in your life including painful memories, traumas and emotionally charged situations. Once you are no longer entrenched in your unhelpful programming goal statements (preferred realities) are set and imprinted into the subconscious. Action steps are then set and Jakob checks in to hold you accountable as you begin to take steps towards your new reality. To find out more about Jakob’s availability and the cost involved click HERE.


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