Supporting Agatha in Transforming her Subconscious Mindset

When I began working with Agatha, it was apparent that her low self-worth was what holding her back from the relationships and happiness that she truly desired. She lacked confidence and had fears around being vulnerable; this subconscious safety mechanism kept Agatha from reaching her full potential.

Agatha had fears of being alone and felt unsure within herself, but deeply wanted to call in new friendships and romantic partnership. She struggled with setting boundaries and often engaged in behaviours that held negative consequences for her physical and mental well-being.

As we did the inner work required on the mental and emotional level, Agatha began to feel more confident in taking some calculated risks, and she learnt how to ‘feel the feel’ whilst stepping into her courage. She was pleasantly surprised with some of the outcomes, and this began an upward spiral that allowed her to build a happier and more fulfilling life for herself. Agatha got to a place within herself where she felt ready to call in romantic love in her life and was surprised by how quickly this came to manifest.

This reprogramming of Agatha’s self-worth had a ripple effect on the rest of her life. Through our journey together, she acquired several tools which supported her in making the best decisions, calming and grounding, energy protection, emotional clearing, and manifestation rituals.

These have supported her in remaining grounded, gaining clarity, and feeling confident to take aligned action to improve and enrich her life. The tools, knowledge, and awareness gained allowed Agatha to take back control of her life and, ultimately, her happiness.

Since completing the program Agatha took a huge step into the unknown, moving from the city to a beachside suburb where she has enjoyed a healthier, happier life and found romantic love.

Hear Agatha’s Story

The Empowered Woman Program is for you if you’d like to…


Heal from relationship trauma and/or attachment issues, forging a path to healthier connections.


Untangle the subconscious protection mechanisms that have hindered your progress.


Conquer self-doubt, reclaiming and strengthening your self-trust.


Embrace accountability, ensuring consistent and aligned action towards your goals.


Rediscover your inherent self-worth, building unshakeable confidence.


Strengthen your trust in the divine masculine, fostering a harmonious balance within yourself.

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