Supporting Ebony in the Empowered Woman Coaching Program

Before Ebony started the program with me, she felt a bit all over the place.

She felt unclear on what direction she was heading in but had ideas and visions that were wanting to come through. Ebony felt guided to work with me to support her in bringing through these big ideas and all that wanted to be birthed through her. She was looking for guidance and support.

Ebony shared that  one of the biggest wins that had come out of the program was developing a new sense of self confidence. She realized she had been searching outwards for self confidence only to learn it was actually already within her. Ebony was able to see what her own self confidence looked like and feel it deep within her. Allowing her to bring that through to the world by doing it her own way. 

Another big shift for Ebony was changing her perspective on her story of herself. By learning about that victim archetype and the types of labels she was placing on herself. She learnt ways to perceive and understand these parts of herself as a reflection of her body just trying to process what had happened to her.

With her newfound self-confidence, she felt able to give herself what she needed to get through whatever was coming up.  

A big shift for Ebony was recognising the different parts of her that were playing out in certain situations and how triggers would bring about those parts. By learning about how to recognize a trigger, she was able to understand what part of her was playing out, asking it “What do you need” and “How can we work through this?” 

Ebony finally allowed herself the time to be with herself and understand herself better. 

Another powerful experience of Ebony’s was recognising herself as an artist and starting to really step into her different parts rather than rejecting them. 

After our work together, Ebony felt more centered and grounded in her true nature and self. After going through a period of such uncertainty of self, she feels she has returned to her body with deeper awareness and the ability to witness her external and internal world more deeply.

She joyfully said “My mind and my heart are working together. My gut feelings are clear.  I feel like I have my joyful, bubbly self back.” With a clearer vision for the future and a sense of stability, Ebony feels a sense of having her own back and being able to support herself in living the life she truly wants to create. 

A massive win for Ebony was the power of manifestation coming through in our work together. Through repeating the belief statements from our sessions together, she found herself manifesting things she had been desiring for a long time.

Within a week of repeating these belief statements around DJing, accepting herself as an artist and expressing her music, she felt herself move into a space of trust, knowing what was in the highest alignment for her would come. And within a week she had her first paid DJ gig!

For anyone thinking of working with me, Ebony says “ If you’re thinking of working with a coach, I’d highly suggest working with Jake”.  She described our work together as a balance between self development, spirituality and consciousness but also the psychological mental health side.

She felt I held space for her human experience and soul’s work to both be met. And I think that Jake holds amazing space for that he’s able to link them together.

Ebony also suggested this work for people who are working building trust with men and the masculine. She felt guided to explore these vulnerabilities and emotions in a safe space with me to gain more trust with men.

Hear Ebony’s Story:

The Empowered Woman Program is for you if you’d like to…


Heal from relationship trauma and/or attachment issues, forging a path to healthier connections.


Untangle the subconscious protection mechanisms that have hindered your progress.


Conquer self-doubt, reclaiming and strengthening your self-trust.


Embrace accountability, ensuring consistent and aligned action towards your goals.


Rediscover your inherent self-worth, building unshakeable confidence.


Strengthen your trust in the divine masculine, fostering a harmonious balance within yourself.

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