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Jakob Casella

Subconscious Mindset Coach

Jakob has a wealth of coaching experience. He has worked in a range of contexts including schools, workplaces and in private practice. Jakob holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Coaching from the Australian College of Applied Psychology where he is now an academic educator. Jakob is an accredited coach with the International Coach Federation (ICF).

Jakob combines his qualifications, experience and intuitive gifts to support, nurture and encourage his clients undertake real, long lasting change.

The three core modalities that he uses include: Acceptance Commitment Therapy (ACT), PSYCH-K® and The Spiral. 


1 on 1 Coaching Programs

My one on one programs help to raise your self worth, reprogram your limiting beliefs and create the roadmap for manifesting the life you deeply desire. The goal of every coaching session is to have good quality conversations that support you to uncover blocks,  learn new skills and build action plans that allow you take the steps required to improve and enrich your life.

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Take the Free Subconscious Sabotage Quiz

This questionnaire will assess where you may hold limiting subconscious programs. These are most often learnt when we are young and strengthened as we move through life. They hold us back from achieving our full potential in life and business but they can be a little hard to identify.

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