My Client Journeys

Through my 1:1 Coaching programs, every client has their own individual experience. The process has a structure that allows for a tailored process to their individual struggles, desires, and goals.

Below, Jakob shares the stories of the journeys several of his clients have went through. From identifying their struggles, the learnings and tools his coaching provides, to the profound shifts they experience, each story provides direct insight into how his coaching changes and improves the lives of the people who choose to work with him.

Taking you on a journey from start to finish, read on if you’d like to learn more about what you could experience too if you choose to begin this transformational journey.



Before Elliot decided to undertake the spiral with me, outdated, unhelpful and negative subconscious   programs of thinking, feeling and behaving, specifically those around him being deserving and worthy of wealth, abundance, and deep romantic love, meant Elliot felt unable to shine his light or show up in his full power…

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When I began working with Agatha, it was apparent that her low self-worth was what holding her back     from the relationships and happiness that she truly desired. She lacked confidence and had fears around being vulnerable; this subconscious safety mechanism kept Agatha from reaching her full potential…


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When Jack and I began working together, he was working a job in the construction industry that he knew was no longer aligned. Although consciously Jack knew this job was negatively affecting his life, he felt stuck, stagnant, and unable to move forward…

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