Supporting Jack to TRANSFORM his Subconscious Mindset

When Jack and I began working together, he was working a job in the construction industry that he knew was no longer aligned. Although consciously Jack knew this job was negatively affecting his life, he felt stuck, stagnant, and unable to move forward.


Underneath this stagnation and stuck feeling was a subconscious mindset that required an upgrade. Jack was unable to clearly articulate what he wanted; he had been studying to be a Men’s health coach but was finding it increasingly hard take aligned action to leave his old industry due to the financial security that came with it.


This left him feeling frustrated, stressed, and worried. The physical toll that this work and the accumulated stress was having on his body was one of the motivating factors in him deciding to engage with me in the Transform Coaching program.


Jack had been able to identify and reprogram unhelpful subconscious thinking patterns his confidence and clarity grew exponentially. He began turning up to our sessions in a whole new way; he backed himself, he knew he could do it; he knew he could achieve whatever he set his mind to. He was no longer stuck and had begun making choices and taken action between our sessions together to move himself forward.


Around the halfway point of our three-month coaching journey, Jack left his old career and began taking the necessary steps to build a successful coaching business. By the final week of the program, he and his partner had decided to leave the city and relocate their entire lives to country. Jack has continued to dive into his career as a Men’s health coach and is now running a successful business supporting men to embody a healthy mind, body and soul.


Jack found the process of reprogramming his subconscious mindset profound. It was this combined with having the ongoing support and accountability that I could provide him that finally released him from this stuck feeling and allowed him to begin paving the road to a full-time career as a holistic wellness coach.


It was an absolute honour to guide and support Jack on his journey. He is now making huge impacts in the lives of Men around the world.

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