Guiding Elliot through The Spiral

Before Elliot decided to undertake the spiral with me, he was experiencing extreme overwhelm; multiple projects and difficulty focusing his energy caused his moods to become unstable and unpredictable. Outdated, unhelpful and negative subconscious programs of thinking, feeling and behaving, specifically those around him being deserving and worthy of wealth, abundance, and deep romantic love, meant Elliot felt unable to shine his light or show up in his full power.

He came to me because he wanted more from life, specifically in the areas of a purposeful career and deep romantic connection. Elliot, a self ‘professed personal development junkie’, completed over 10 personal, spiritual or professional development programs this year. He was extremely determined to overcome his struggles with communication, low self worth and trust within himself and the universe. 

Our journey together began with a discovery session that I will never forget. Elliot shared with me that he had recently invested in a coaching relationship that unfortunately didn’t meet his expectations, and so he wanted to make sure I was the ‘guy for the job’.

Elliot expressed that, through his current coach, his expectations for what this would achieve in his life and business weren’t met. He didn’t get what he paid for; his needs weren’t met. He was experiencing difficulty communicating that he wasn’t happy and didn’t feel as though he’d received what he’d paid for, or at least what he expected he would. On our discovery call I asked him, “When are you going to tell your coach that you aren’t happy?’, “This week”, was his response.

“Are you an exceptional coach?” Elliot asked me on our call. When I told him I believe I am, he proceeded to ask me three things:

–   What made me exceptional?

–   What are some of the transformational experiences that previous clients had experienced with me?

–   What did I believe were my particular strengths and gifts?

I told Elliot of my University qualifications and the further training I had completed to specialise in subconscious work, my experience working with clients and the big changes that I have made in my own life since completing the Spiral as a client myself (if you want to read about my journey doing the spiral click here). I told him of my intuitive gifts, and why I felt like my own life story and desire to reprogram my subconscious mind has led me to this work.

Elliot decided that doing The Spiral with me was exactly what he needed, and the following week we began our journey together.

In our first session, Elliot told me that he had reached out to his previous coach and had had an uncomfortable conversation about money; to do so, he’d stepped out of his comfort zone, terminated the agreement, and set and maintained a boundary. I explained to Elliot that he’d just taken action to reprogram his self worth; he had leaned into courage and held strong, even though he found the conversation a difficult one to have.

We also used our first session as an opportunity for Elliot to articulate his goals and intentions for our four-month spiral journey. The two major areas of focus included working on himself in preparation for calling in deep romantic partnership, and a new level of purpose driven wealth.

Moving through the initial levels of the root and the sacral brought a lot to the surface; we cleared and reprogrammed emotions of shame, guilt, fear and grief.

The final clearing for the sacral chakra was ‘paralysed will’, which involves feeling stuck and unable to act. This was a particular struggle of Elliot’s, and through this process we paved the way for some big action steps whilst working through the solar plexus chakra.

Elliot continued to lean into his courage, show up to work on his past and to step into a better version of himself. I began to witness a profound shift in Elliot – as we moved into the heart and throat, he became more calm, confident and sure of himself. It felt like someone had turned up the brightness dial and Elliot began to shine on a whole new level.

I witnessed Elliot release past relationship pain and begin to forge a newfound relationship with himself.

What became apparent to me was that Elliot had stepped into a newfound place of self-leadership.

His ideas and visions were becoming clearer.

He was letting go of overwhelm and stepping into certainty that his dream would become his reality.

When working with the third eye, we enjoyed a session with less talking. My intention was to provide a quiet space away from the analytical mind to support Elliot in dialling up his intuition. Elliot reported that this session was powerful, magical and deeply moving.

The crown session centred on clearing blocks that Elliot held around the themes of life purpose, spirituality and connecting to higher states of consciousness.

In our final integration session and the closing of our Spiral container, we revisited Elliot’s major intentions that he opened with. He told me of streams of wealth that had been coming his way, and how he was feeling confident and purposeful within his career. His relationship with himself had improved immensely and he was enjoying new levels of love in his life, even feeling ready and open to romantic partnership.

It was an absolute honour to guide Elliot through all seven levels of The Spiral and to watch his confidence, clarity and trust take a quantum leap. For me, it was the new shine, the new resonance that he was putting out that assured me that enormous shifts had taken place.