Book Your Complimentary Zoom Session

This complimentary, no obligation, Zoom session begins with a review of your pre-call survey.

Next, I will direct you to elaborate on some of your answers and give you space to articulate your most pressing areas for concern.

We may talk about your ↓
  • Early childhood experiences
  • Relationship patterns
  • Past traumas 
  • Self talk
  • Conditioned beliefs
  • Negative thinking 
  • Coping mechanisms
  • Stubborn patterns
  • Biggest fears


We will dive deeper into your biggest problem areas and I will give you honest feedback on ↓
  • The way I see your issues
  • What I feel needs to be done to change them
  • How long it might take


I will also let you know if I have worked on something similar with clients in the past and how confident I feel in supporting you.

From here, we will map out a clear, achievable plan of action.

I will recommend a program that I believe is best suited or tailor one to your specific needs.

There is no obligation to sign up. No guilt tactics or slimy sales techniques.

I believe, whole-heartedly in alignment.

I’ll give you my read on things and you get to decide if it’s right for you.

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