Transform your subconscious, 

transform your life!

Learn how to effectively process strong emotions, triggers & truamas

Transform the subconscious negative beliefs and patterns that sabotage your efforts

Accountability as you create new habits and take action towards the life you deeply desire

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The goal of every session is to uncover and reprogram subconscious blocks, process your past and build action plans that allow you to improve and enrich your life.

Jakob supports you through a range of activities and exercises that build psychological skills and self knowledge.

This is includes the use of subconscious reprogramming (PSYCH-K) which is a Psychology and Kinesiology hybrid that allows us to process past traumas and create new subconscious structures.

Jakob holds you accountable and on track as you take action and create new habits of thinking, feeling and behaving.

My promise:

  • I will support you to create powerful new subconscious structures.
  • I will guide you as you develop a newfound level of self-worth.
  • I will teach you to become your own healer, coach and leader.
  • I will nurture you as you re-establish a deep sense of trust within yourself and the universe.
  • I will provoke, encourage and hold you accountable in taking aligned action towards your highest potential

What is Included?

✅ 1on1 Coaching Sessions (90MINS)
✅ Pre and Post session tasks
✅ Weekly checks ins & support (Whatsapp)

✅  Subconscious reprogramming (PSYCH-K)
✅  Human Design reprogramming session
✅  Lifetime access to App & online program

This is for you if:

  • You’re sick of letting fear sabotage your life.
  • You want more from life but feel like time is slipping away
  • You know you have problems with self-love, romantic love or friendships
  • You live with low self worth and know that how it holds you back
  • You have been wounded in the past and know it still affects you
  • You often feel strong emotions that are uncomfortable and you don’t know how to deal with them
  • You often feel anxiety, stress, worry or panic
  • You often feel down about your current situation
  • You over think, over analyse, and/or procrastinate
  • You’re inconsistent in your commitments and often don’t follow through on your intentions.
  • You are ready to take things to the next level

✅ My guarantee

I am deeply committed to making huge impacts in my clients lives. If you give any of my programs 100% commitment and do not feel they have genuinely been life changing and transformational, you will receive a full refund.


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