Limiting Subconscious Beliefs to Purpose

A low score in this area highlights the potential of limiting subconscious programming that may be affecting your ability to discover and work towards a career, legacy or major project that gives your life deep purpose and meaning.

Having a low score in the area of Purpose often highlights a limiting, self-sabotage mindset which can be conscious or unconscious which influences and affects your associated thoughts, feelings and behaviours.

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This may manifest as challenges or difficulties with:

  • Discovering your unique strengths and gifts
  • Understanding your unique value
  • Going after a career that deeply fulfils you
  • Starting and growing a business that deeply fulfils you
  • Being able to earn a living from doing what you love
  • Creating a legacy or major life project

Some of the major feelings and mental states associated with limiting programming in the area of Purpose include:

  • Low self worth
  • Hopelessness
  • Feeling unsure of who you are
  • Despair
  • Worry
  • Envy of others
  • Feeling unhappy in your career
  • Feeling like time is slipping away
  • Feeling overwhelmed and/or stuck

How is the subconscious programmed in a negative, limiting way?

The subconscious mind is programmed when we are young and is then built on by what we experience as we go throughout our lives. When we are young we literally imprint everything we experience into one of two categories. Experiences that help us to grow or experiences that help keep us safe. Every experience is either one or the other, we do not have the ability for reasoning and logic as this time of our development.

This process has evolutionary origins. Those who were able to imprint what experiences helped them to stay safe into the subconscious where the ones who survived. If you are here right now reading this, it’s likely that I’m talking about your ancestors. To make matters even more challenging, as young children we believe we are the centre of the universe and everything revolves around us. Again this is due to our cognitive developmental stage.

When we you are young everything you see, hear and experience is imprinted directly into the subconscious and becomes your default programming. If you or your parents experienced relationship issues, lack of love, divorce, domestic violence, anger, challenging times, loss, grief, heightened levels of anxiety, mental health issues, persistent worry or unhealthy attachment issues it’s likely that you formed some subconscious structures that are still effecting you today.

So how can you help me change my limiting subconscious structures?

In the past thirty or so years the emergence of a new field of psychology has appeared known as Energy Psychology. These approaches work directly on the subconscious level at the root of the problem.

Jakob is trained in PSYCH-K which combines energy psychology, kinesiology and neuroscience with years of brain dominance theory to create an transformational approach to reprogram the subconscious structures that have been holding you back.

This approach is potentially the most powerful, effective and permanent way to change the internal mechanism that is stoping, blocking and sabotaging you from the life you deeply desire.

Jakob has worked with many people to positively reprogram their limiting beliefs in the area of Health leading them to increase their self-worth and ability to form new subconscious structures that positively affect their health and associated behaviours.

“Your subconscious beliefs establish the limits of what you can achieve. Learn to rewrite the software of your subconscious mind and change your life”– Dr. Bruce Lipton

Dr Lipton is the pioneers of the new science of epigenetics and is the best selling author of The Biology of Belief & The Honeymoon Effect. Dr Bruce Lipton works closely with the creator or PSYCH-K Rob Williams and claims that this approach is a powerful and effective way to change limiting subconscious structures in minutes

What are some examples of new subconscious beliefs that we could reprogram using PSYCH-K?

I follow my true calling, use my strengths and share my gifts with the world

My source of contentment and joy lies within me

I am optimistic about my ability to bring my dreams into reality

It’s fun and easy for me to change

I acknowledge my ability and responsibility to make a positive difference in the world

I take initiative to create my life the way I want it

I easily overcome my fears, knowing that this leads me to wisdom and power

I can be abundant in love, abundant in money and abundant in time

I accept the divine plan of my life as it takes shape in definite, concrete experiences

I am the best me I can be in each moment

I deeply and completely know that I am enough

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