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In recent years there has been substantial growth in the practice of PSYCH-K®likely attributed to Dr.Bruce Lipton and his work on epigenetics explained in his book- the biology of belief.

This growing form of energy psychology is taught only through workshops by certified instructors and after a three day ‘basic’ course participants are qualified as practitioners known as PSYCH-K® Facilitators.

In Australia there is only a small handful of PSYCH-K® facilitators who use this modality in private practice. Some of these practitioners already practice in coaching or therapy and bring in PSYCH-K® as a part of their tool kit.

Jakob Casella- The Mindful Coach has been supporting adults and young people as a coach and ACT therapist since 2014. He holds a bachelor degree in Applied Social Science with a specialisation in Coaching from the Australian College of Applied Psychology.

PSYCH-K® is the newest and most exciting addition to Jakob’s coaching practice alongside Positive Psychology, Solution Focused Coaching and Acceptance and Commitment therapy (ACT).

Positive psychology is the backbone of a good coaching practice, it looks at whats going well in peoples life and uses this information to support them to change in other areas of ones life. It involves understanding ones unique character strengths and using these to think outside the box in order to work towards ones goals.

Solution focused coaching provides a scaffold for rich coaching conversations that are clear and ensures the client understands the process that they are working through with the coach. This approach follows the acronym G.R.O.W.T.H. At each step along the way Jakob gently encourages the client to dive deep and have rich conversations to uncover the big picture, the challenges and how they can be overcome.

G – Articulate the goal-Specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, timely, inspiring.

R – Whats the current reality? What needs to change?

O – What are the options you could take? Both the obvious and the outrageous?

W- What will you do? Make a commitment.

T – What are your tactics- How and when will you do it?

H – What habits will support you to sustain success? What are your roadblocks?

The GROWTH solution focused model provides a comprehensive scaffold for great coaching conversations however client’s roadblocks to success often open up a brand new can of worms that require the use of further approaches.

If there weren’t roadblocks in the way of clients reaching their potential there wouldn’t be much need for a life coach. Roadblocks are often aligned with deep seeded subconscious beliefs that are formed in the early years of ones life. As these beliefs are subconscious they are difficult to see and difficult to change without the use of tools that work directly with the subconscious like PSYCH-K®.

PSYCH-K® uses muscles testing to communicate with the subconscious mind and see where beliefs and stressful or traumatic past events may be blocking stopping or sabotaging the clients success. Once it’s clear where the roadblocks are the facilitator works with the client to transform these events in a way that the body and mind no longer attached strong emotion to them freeing the client from the past. They are then supported to articulate new subconscious beliefs that are imprinted into the subconscious mind using a range of techniques known as balances.

To read more about PSYCH-K® techniques click HERE.

Jakob also uses an approach called Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) which is a cognitive behavioural approach which uses mindfulness meditation and other guided meditation exercises to support to be aware of  and cope better with unhelpful thoughts, feelings and emotions.

The combination of these approaches and his extensive coaching experience make Jakob Casella- The Mindful Coach a great choice for a coaching practitioner. Jakob works face to face with clients in Sydney, Australia and online with clients around the world.

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To find PSYCH-K® facilitator near you please visit the PSYCH-K® centre international where you can find a list of preferred affiliates. Click HERE

Pricing for PSYCH-K® one on one sessions vary extensively between facilitators as there is no set pricing requirements that are set by the PSYCH-K centre international.