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In this video, Dr. Bruce Lipton explains that the subconscious mind has one million times more processing capacity than the conscious mind however that it is not creative or flexible like the conscious mind. He liken’s the subconscious mind to a tape player that is only able to play back what it learns and that 95-99% of what is being played back is ‘recorded’ before the age of eight. Dr Lipton explains that the conscious mind spends most of day in the past or the future and lets the subconscious control the present moment by playing back programs recorded when we were young. With up to 70% of these programs being unhelpful, limiting or negative he explains how PSYCH-K® works to push the record button on the tape player to change a belief you have had your entire life in less than fifteen minutes.

‘The closer that you come to knowing that you alone create the world of your experience, the more vital it becomes for you to discover just who is doing he creating”

-Eric Micha’el Leventhal


Here is another video, from Dr. Bruce Lipton which goes into further detail of the conscious and and subconscious mind using real life examples.

“Trying to talk yourself into change is not going to work because the subconscious mind has nobody to listen to your story” Dr. Bruce Lipton


In this video, the presenter explains his experience with PSYCH-K® one year after completing the basic workshop. He found PSYCH-K® when he was trying to heal from a big traumatic event that had recently happened. He wanted a different approach to traditional psychotherapy because he has the belief that we have the ability to process emotions and traumatic events quickly and completely without years of therapy. The presenter explains that he expected a completely rapid change to occur in his life as soon as he left the workshop however what actually happens is PSYCH-K® sparks something inside and gives your subconscious mind the fuel that it needs start making the transformations in your life that will lead to the your end goal of whatever it is you are looking for. He explains it is not a magic bullet but a tool that will spark the beginnings of change that you will feel gradually over time.

If you are interested in attending a PSYCH-K® basic workshop in Australia, I recommend Ian Spicer from Life Force events. For a link to his website or to read my PSYCH-K® basic and advanced course reviews click HERE.

In this video, Ian Spicer explains that PSYCH-K® is a key to unlocking the potential of our subconscious mind that we have haven’t had access to before.

In this video, PSYCH-K® Instructor Karen KcKy discusses connecting to our highest self to move our life forward and gives a personal account on one of her life’s biggest stumbling blocks. This block was a belief she held that stopped her from moving forward with her life. Through PSYCH-K® she learned how to get beyond this roadblock and was move forward.


Here is a video with Dr. Bruce Lipton and the creator of PSYCH-K® Robert Williams. They explained how they met and how Robert Williams was able to transform the beliefs of an individual who was afraid of public speaking and went on to be an award winning toast masters speaker.


This final video is one of the most recent that Dr. Bruce Lipton has been a part of. In this video he goes into further detail in regards to the role role of the subconscious and the role of the conscious mind and how they work together to create your reality. He explains that to understand what programs you downloaded before the age of 8 you just need to look at your current life as its a direct print out of helpful and unhelpful programming. Dr Lipton explains the three ways that the subconscious can be reprogrammed: clinical hypnosis, repetition until something becomes a habit and the third and most effective way is through energy psychology – PSYCH-K®.



-PSYCH-K®, the missing peace in your life – Robert Williams

-The PSYCH-K® experience, twenty life-affirming practical examples -Brunhil Hofmann

-Biology of belief- Dr Bruce Lipton


PSYCH-K® Centre International- The offical website which features information about PYSCH-K, instructors, workshops, testimonials, frequently asked questions and more.

PSYCH-K® Research – here you will find links to research

What PSYCH-K® is and what its not – A great article by Instructor Karen McKy

-Are you programmed at Birth – A short read by Dr. Bruce Lipton