Positive Psychology in Schools

Positive Psychology, a relatively new field, looks specifically at what makes humans flourish and how best to nurture their unique strengths of character to support them to reach their full potential.

For many years schools around the world have been criticised for identifying and remediating students’ weaknesses while neglecting the identifying and nurturing of their unique strengths, resulting in a missed opportunity to build self esteem and creative thinking skills.

Positive psychology in schools know as ‘positive education’, was pioneered by Dr. Martin Seligman, the professor of psychology from the University of Pennsylvania (U.S) and his colleagues. See Dr. Seligman discuss Positive Education in the short video clip below


Positive Education in Australia has gained a fair amount of exposure due to the Geelong Grammar Program where positive psychology is taught to students in all year groups. This program supports students to understand and develop their unique character strengths, practice gratitude, optimism and build mental resilience.

To watch how Positive Education has impacted the students at Geelong Grammar click the short video clip below.

[vimeo 99798574 w=640 h=360]