Mindful Teachers Program

Schools around around the world are rapidly implementing mindfulness and emotional wellbeing programs into their schools and seeing amazing results. Most teachers use a range of recordings, Apps and mindfulness scripts they find online and have not have the opportunity to undertake any training, often feeling out of their depth when students ask questions or are having a difficulty.

The Mindful Teachers Program (MTP) is staff development session, which involves learning the basic skills and philosophy of mindfulness. Mindfulness skills are taught in a secular manner, that align with the current scientific understanding of human psychology and behaviour.

Teachers have the opportunity to practice skills, asks questions and discuss challenges. The MTP covers all the mindfulness and coping strategies taught in the emotional wellbeing program/EVOLE resilience program so teachers can continue supporting students.

The MTP Involves a 1hr interactive workshop including discussion on philosophy, guided mindfulness activities, time for questions and debunking misconceptions. Each teacher will get access to a range of The Mindful Coach’s guided mindfulness activities, resources and mindfulness scripts that can be used in the classroom.

For more information or to book in a date please email Jakob@themindfulcoach.com.au


The Mindful Coach at Bilgola Plateau Public School