EVOLVE resilience program (High School)

The EVOLVE resilience program draws from a range of evidence based psychological approaches to bring students learnings that will greatly improve their wellbeing, build mental resilience and help them to discover their unique character strengths and values.

The three core underlying concepts and their associated goals are:

Mindfulness in action – Support young people to improve their ability to handle challenging thoughts and feelings, lower stress and anxiety levels and improve concentration and focus.

Values in action– Support young people to clarify their personal values and how they can use these to choose appropriate behaviour and plans of action that create a life where they will flourish.

Strengths in action – Support young people to discover their innate personal strengths and use this new and stronger sense of self to begin thinking about their goals, wishes and dreams.

The EVOLVE resilience program can be run in a way that best suits your schools or year groups scheduling requirements including classroom style, before or after school (cost to parents) or at retreats/camps.

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